Copyright and Peer Review

Copyright and Peer Review

If an article is accepted for publishing in “Journal of Eastern European Law”, an author automatically confirms copyright assignment agreement.

The author certifies that the submitted material:

does not infringe the copyright of other persons or organizations;

was not previously published in other editions and has not been submitted for publication in other editions.

The author passes the editorial board of the ”Journal of Eastern European Law” rights to:

publication of the article on the website of the journal and distribution of its electronic version;

distribution of the article electronic copy via any electronic means (placing on the official web-site of the journal, electronic databases, repositories, etc.) printed copy of the translation.

In all cases, the availability of a bibliographic link to an article or hyperlink to its electronic copy on the official website of the journal is compulsory.

Reviewing procedure:

All articles entering the editorial office of the Journal of Eastern European Law are closed (double-blind) reviews and are checked for plagiarism.

After the evaluation of the scientific article, the reviewer gives a conclusion:

- an article is recommended for publication;

- an article is recommended for publication after its completion by the author, taking into account the comments made;

- the article is not recommended for publication.

Editorial board has the right to review, edit, reduce and reject the article. In the case of neglect of mentioned requirements regarding manuscripts composition, editorial board reserves the right to skip them. Editorial staff not always shares a position of authors. Republication of articles is possible only with the consent of editorial board.

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